Giuliani Is Taking My Poems Away

My sister told me that it’s snowing back east, and that they are rounding up the homeless and putting them in YMCA’s and high school gymnasiums. She said that that made her feel bad. She said it probably always sucks to be homeless but it must suck more when it’s cold. Old people were also told not to go outside. Someone’s grandmother died.

In Berkley me and my friend saw one man chase another man with a crazy stick. They were fighting over who was the craziest. Dirty tried to trade the taller one a joint for the stick, all he got was a slight tap on the head. I don’t think that man was so crazy. I think it would have been crazy if he had beaten my friend to death. At least I know that I wouldn’t call myself crazy until I did something crazy like that. It was a nice stick though. I bet he held it close to him when he slept at night.

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