I wish sometimes that it was me who met you before him
Because then I wouldn’t feel so badly when I said
That there is nothing I want more in the world
Than for the two of us to be alone together.

Because I think maybe one thing I want more
Is for the two of you to be alone together
But of course, perhaps, if it was me first
I wouldn’t have to feel so bad cause it would be reverse.

I think it's because you try so hard to understand
And you hesitate just enough and say you don’t know
And sometimes take things back, like I do cause you
Feel bad once you said them cause you don’t know

And so when I turn to your eyes they’re prettier
Cause you take them away a lot, like me
Because they say so much, and things you don’t know
Get passed along which is all right, but seems wrong.

But it’s wrong because I know if I said it out loud
I’d have to believe it, the same things that I feel
But I can pass off as not feeling, until I see you
Or the song plays, or anything reminds me of how I feel.

And I know I can’t love you because you love him
Which makes me smile because I like the way
You look with him and the way he makes you feel.
But I was just thinking that maybe I wish I were first.

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