This is a poem to tell you how wonderful you were tonight.
It is my first one since Hawaii.

You stood, and leaned, and bent, and hovered, on a wall.
Acting. Crazy. Calm. Angry. Sad. But bigger than those things.

I watched. I saw you from so far away, being someone different.
In real life you are not a nun, you are that size, but you are 22 not 20.

I still loved you. I still wanted you to love me.
Some things you did looked dangerous.

Not just the times you were upside-down,
but when you had such intensity, in all of your parts,

it scared me to see you have so many feelings all at once.
I didn’t mean scared, I mean it thrilled me, it scared me

the way that movie scared me, it made me worried,
because it was so amazing.

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