To Your New Baby!

hello in there.
You are a fabulous baby!

You have been forming inside Megan
for weeks.

in your previous life you did something
right to come back as Megan’s child.

Can you already feel the beauty of your mother?
It’s your lifeblood, you are being made of it.
That’s how I know you are fabulous!

Your heart is forming now, making its first
few beats. It is an outstanding heart,
you will get to use it a lot!

Your head will start to take shape soon,
with soft hairs and smooth skin,
and your little arms,
and your legs.

and when you start to kick at Megan’s belly,
you will kick in the rhythm of the beautiful
music that surrounds you.

and when your eyes start to form
they will be large, beautiful,
always open,
and everyone will want to see them.

In February you will gently slide out
onto Costa Rican beaches,
and you will find unconditional love,
sweet milk, mangoes, and marijuana.

And you will never have to cry
because Megan loves you,
and everyone will tell you
how that’s the greatest thing in the world.

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