The Uma Hardy Poetry Prize

I had never won a prize before
An award once,
Most improved Biddy Basketball Player,
But a prize, never, especially not
A cash prize.

Today I can call myself a poet
Uma Hardy called me a poet
Gave me one-thousand dollars to say,

“Through my hospital window
I can see a garden—(it’s actually there)—
This is no figurative garden mind you.
I can also see the windows of other patients.
The man next door to me screamed,
He has no idea where he is,
Thank god I can’t catch what he’s got.”

When my girlfriend was crazy once,
She was hospitalized.
I went to visit and she was not in the room.
But her roommate was there awaiting
Electro-shock therapy,
She sang, “Swing low sweet chariot.”
It freaked me out.

I remembered that this morning
When the man in the hospital room
Next to mine
Screamed, “who are you people?”
He has no idea where he is
Thank-God I can’t catch that.

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