William This Time

Because you left without saying goodbye
And I don’t know that I will see you for a long time:

You weren’t there to meet this girl I don’t like,
The one I kicked out of bed tonight, and will try and avoid forever now.
I saw Ann last night, and reminisced, remembered that I love you
And no gay love, just thinking clear-- free from competition,
Don’t know that I have that anywhere else,
And wondering why you’re settling now,
Why you’re even more afraid than me.
Sometimes I try and think like you
Just to see how it is, “just to see how it would be”…
And I get cut off, so I’m just like you then
Not bound by any incomprehensibility or misunderstanding
Solely by my own misnomered insecurities,
Which seem to come and go,
And growing older, slowly passing, aptly pacing yourself,
Never endangering anyone, or losing sight,
Of a few sacreds which are somehow,
--And I say this truly now—
Ten times more sacred than anything I’ve ever known.

I have a friend who cries for me when I’m sleeping and
When I’m making these mistakes.

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