For About A Hundred Different People

Lately the left side of my head has been floating away,
So I may have been looking right at you seemingly listening,
But really I cant hear anything because my own thoughts are too loud.

And then when its time to go to sleep its more like a headache.
The loud thoughts get mumbled, and its noise not ideas.
And my pulse in my head and my palm, like one hundred little hearts.

Sometimes I can see individual atoms, slowly floating,
Not just in the corner of my eye, sometimes I can stare at them,
And follow them to their disappearance, to their meshing with the noise.

Sanity seems to come and go, I’m not so worried about that anymore.
The funny thing is that I cant figure out how it correlates with my happiness,
I don’t know when I want what, or what I want when or both, or whatever.

Everyone seems to worry about me though, and that’s nice, that helps.
Keeps me from thinking that I’m not as important as I think I am
Or that somehow all of you would figure out all of this without me.

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