I walk between the cars and the parking meters
In an attempt to gain some sort of balance.
Pedestrians urge me towards the street
and cars urge me towards the pedestrians,
it is hard to tell which one means which.

I got here just in time
to miss the sun going down.
Tonight I am sitting on these cliffs all alone
with you, and we watch the sea come in and go.
I think if we timed the waves just right
we could safely jump from here.
Better to do that when its light out though.

In our heads we have a metaphor for
what the sea is like in life.
Ours are each probably the same,
both probably layered.
We always send each other smiles,
and by accident sometimes some tears.
I like it when I get the tears, I feel useful.

There is a slow breaking down
that seems to be taking place.
From here I can see how it happens.
Little things chipping away at
us because we are immortal.
We seem to bend too easily,
sometimes asking to be chipped.

Here now, the premature release
of something much too close.
Like when someone dies,
But just the feeling.

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