From My Friend To A Girl I've Never Met

You’re prettier today than
You were yesterday;
Something about how
Both literal and figurative
Distance yields beauty.

These last three days
I’ve seen two sunrises
And just one sunset.

Sunsets last much longer
The sun, lady dancing,
As I called her, seems
To linger in the sky.

Sunrises are much more
Crisp. last only
A few minutes.

I’ve never seen a
Sunset by myself
You’re always awake then.

But sunrises I’ve
Only seen alone
And I’m always reminded
Of starting over.
I’m always nervous
Always lonely, missing sunsets.

But maybe I’m coming
To understand that
I’m just afraid to be
Happy without you,
And not that I can’t be.

Sometime soon
I’ll do my best
To walk off alone
At seven-thirty
Take a seat
And feel content
To watch closure
By myself.

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