Gentle Love

I think I’ve found a love more calmed
Heart quickens, slows, meet eyes, turn.
There is a climax coming nearer
Faster, nervous, emotions rage.
Anti-climax, embracing bodies
Slowly falling, close and closed.

In that sweet waking sleep
I find a love I’ve never felt.
Slow tears and laughter at departing.
Left to fend for each alone,
We slowly wander breathing slowly,
Mental pictures of our one formed body.

We meet again, across a room
It’s less than adequate
Heart beats too quickly.
Gaze, look away, grow nervous.
Gentle touch let passions subside
One kiss to find the waiting calm.

Let go beautiful, lest I forget my longing
Forget that lust and pounding thumping.
For calm too long makes heart stop beating,
Give life again by painful parting.
Only to meet again with raging passion
In anticipation of rage’s passing.

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