If it is done Know my sadness

I don’t know if you exist anymore.
If your last words, those of desperation
Were, in fact, your last words.

We all get lost, you know that well,
But sometimes that which pushes us off
Follows us, and haunts us.

So, perhaps you were pushed gone,
And you aren’t to return—
know my sadness.
Know, now, brother, that I am lost.

That if this world has no room for you
I am hopelessly spending my days finding out,
And waiting to finally embrace you again.

I would give to you one thousand breathes,
One million verses, and more tears than eyes have known,
And see to it that you know my sadness.

You cannot, however, leave us here alone
You are too strong to say that that quest is over.
So, I feel you watching and revising me,

And sit in anticipation of your next move.

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